McMaster Email Distribution List Manager

List Status
Open: email can be sent to your list
Closed: email cannot be sent to your list
Click the button to Open or Close your list as required.

List Members
Recipients of your list are displayed in the List Members text box. Members can be added or removed from this box, manually or via cut and paste, one email address per line. Only the email address, without quotes, brackets, etc., should be included. Examples:
  "sample@mcmaster.ca" - invalid
  John Doe <sample@mcmaster.ca> - invalid
  sample1@mcmaster.ca, sample2@mcmaster.ca - invalid
  sample@mcmaster.ca - valid
Email addresses in formats other than that valid sample above will cause emails sent to your list to fail.
Click the Update button to submit any changes made.
Click the Clear button to delete all membmers from the list.

Upload List File
You can upload list members via a plain ascii text file; one email address per line. Note that the uploaded file overwrites the current list.
Click Browse to select the list file on your system.
Click Upload to submit the file.

Click Return to go back to the list selection screen.